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Powershell if so awesome and versatile that I often wonder how we managed our systems before. The strength of powershell lies in the way you figure things out for yourself, using the get-help and so on. It is however handy to get some practical help with this in the form of some scripts that have proven there usefulness, hence this website. That, and so that I don’t have to figure out things twice :-).

I hope I can help others to get up and running with this powerful tool by providing you with some of my code or code I find on the internet and feel free to give some some feedback or thumbs up on the code!

I always try to link the original writer of the code if there is any and if I can find a link.

Albert van Boerum

Albert van Boerum

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The scripts are not always completely tested. Be very careful when using them and always test them before running them in a production environment.

Please contact me for information or comment.