ISE Steroids – a must have for powershell users


I went recently to a gathering of powershell enthusiasts and the discussion started about the tools we are using. One of the tools that got my attentions is ISE Steroids. I will try to explain why I think this is such a great add-on for use powershell users.


First of all, I am not a 24/7 powershell user. I manage windows systems and use a variety of different tools for this and of course I still use the mouse more frequently then the console. There is still a bright future for me somewhere 🙂

For some years I use powershell and I force myself to use the standard tools as they are everywhere available. Every system I manage has Powershell console and ISE on it.

This is untill the last meeting. When I heard of ISE Steroids and saw that the “big users” are enteusiast about it and use it on a daily bases, I started to download the tool for myself and started to view my own code with ISE Steroids.

This was an eye opener for me.

First of all, the installation went as it should be in powershell. No executable to run but a module you must install and run….. Welcome to powershell. 🙂


The help on the website is great. You can install it in a matter of minutes and use it right away. A trial version is available to test before you buy the product.

So first go to the website and follow the instructions

after this, start Powershell ISE en just start the add-on with start-steroids command.

The standard powershell ISE interface has grown to a full blown interface with a lot of nifty features. For me, a starter with powershell, I will show you here some of the features I use first. Just to get learning powershell easier and faster.


So, when I write code, I make a lot of mistakes. Things that can be written better, faster, use better notation, etc.. For me ISE Steroids can help me to review my own code and learn from the best practice it shows me. In the end, I am still the one that makes the decision how the code will be but it helps me a lot.

For example I use the following script. This is a little script I have written The content does not matter. I know it is terrible and not according any standards but that is not the point here. It is about the errors and formatting in the example.

Nothing to fancy and it does the job.


When loading the script into ISE Steroids, the following screen appears:

Under the script I already see some of the Steroids action: 1 shortening, 15 suggestions, 2 compats. I will come to those later. First in ISE Steroids I click on the green check-mark


This opens a sidebar with a button “Fix Script now”.  I love this button. Just click on it and it will analyse your script and make suggestions on how to write it properly.

The corrected script is as following:

It is already a bit better written although the result in a longer script is obviously more clearer.

Next we can get on with the 1 shortening and 15 suggestions. It seems that the first action has taken care of some of this for us already.  I only have 1 shortening and 2 suggestions left.

First the suggestions, ISE Steroids finds two of the same long lines in the code. It suggests that we replace this with a variable and place the variable with content on the top of the script. This all is done with a double click on the suggestion.

The resulting code is:

I have marked the adjusted lines to make it more clear.

The shortening ISE Steroids suggest is the line with the variable $options.

It appears that is can be shortened.

Just a minor adjustment but you can imaging the difference in a long script with a lot of these suggestions.

These are just some of the many options that ISE Steroids provide but these already help me becoming a better Powershell programmer.

I have ran this module on longer code and the result here is briljant. The code is to long for a review but I urge you to try it for yourself. The investment is not that big of an issue and your programming skills we become better. I assure 🙂

Still not convinced? check the videos from the company itself:


Perhaps I will post some more of the many options of ISE Steroids later as I want to use it as my default editor. Stay tuned for more.