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Uninstall software from multiple computers


To uninstall software from multiple computers you must determine the name of the software you want to uninstall.

Get the list of installed applications from a computer:

If you want to see the programs on a remote computer user the -computername option.

Find the program you want to uninstall, for example “Sophos Patch Agent” from 3 computers:

This will uninstall the software (one at a time) from the computers.

Install software on multiple computers simultaneous


Install software on multiple computers simultaneous.

Also, first make sure the server from which you install the software accepts the CredSSP connection.

You need to use CredSSP for authentication because Powershell has a build-in protection against multi-hop use.

Run the next code to install the software.


Find files on all workstations with powershell


You can find files on all workstations with powershell with a short code.

First make a list off computernames and put them into a variable

Next use Invoke-Command to send the Get-ChildItem to those computers.

Notice that I create a new table entry for the computername in this line. It uses the computername environment variable: