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ISE Steroids – a must have for powershell users


I went recently to a gathering of powershell enthusiasts and the discussion started about the tools we are using. One of the tools that got my attentions is ISE Steroids. I will try to explain why I think this is such a great add-on for use powershell users.


First of all, I am not a 24/7 powershell user. I manage windows systems and use a variety of different tools for this and of course I still use the mouse more frequently then the console. There is still a bright future for me somewhere ­čÖé

For some years I use powershell and I force myself to use the standard tools as they are everywhere available. Every system I manage has Powershell console and ISE on it.

This is untill the last meeting. When I heard of ISE Steroids and saw that the “big users” are enteusiast about it and use it on a daily bases, I started to download the tool for myself and started to view my own code with ISE Steroids.

This was an eye opener for me.

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